Our Patients Are HEROES!

The Patients of Sisson Family Dentistry have donated $1,335 to Outfitters through October, 2010 just by keeping their teeth healthy and by referring new friends and neighbors as new patients

When one of Dr. Sisson’s patients comes in for their next appointment, Sisson Family Dentistry punches their Family Punch Card. After five punches, their family receives a $10 Gift Card to Marsh Grocery.

More importantly, Sisson Family Dentistry also gives Outfitters in Pendleton a $15 donation in that family’s honor. It’s Dr. Sisson’s way of giving back to the community for which he loves providing dentistry.

In addition, when a new dental patient comes to Sisson Family Dentistry, they get a Marsh Gift Card right after their first appointment. Plus, the practice makes an immediate donation to Outfitters in their honor.

*New patient of record (completed new patient exam and x-rays)


All-Pro Dad

Dr. Sisson is the current Team captain for the “All-Pro Dad” program at a monthly breakfast at East Elementary.  All Pro Dad is basically a program where once a month dads bring their kids to the school an hour early and have breakfast and share in a presentation (video, conversation starter-stuff). November’s meeting saw 123 dads and kids at this fun event. For more info, call Dr. Sisson or go to:

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